Mater is a sweet but simple-minded tow truck, operating "Tow Mater," the only towing business in Radiator Springs. A fun-loving prankster, Mater is trusting to the point of being gullible, and has an unapologetically low IQ. He speaks in a backwards, "hick" or "redneck" style dialect, and has a sweet-natured, childlike view of the world. Mater is a rusted pickup truck with a tow cable and rig in his truck bed. He is beloved by everyone in Radiator Springs, and he quickly appointed himself as best friend to Lightning McQueen not long after the two met.

He also likes to tell Tall Tales to his buddy Lightning McQueen. These are (presumably) made-up stories which always feature Mater in wildly differing jobs and scenarios, such as a daredevil, a fire truck, and a matador.

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